Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hope for Rental Car Companies

So i know that rental car agencies are among those who are struggling the most right now with our recessed economy. And when these companies struggle, the first things to go are the auxiliary programs and the marketing budget. For instance, i recently heard from a friend who is connected to one of the larger rental car companies, and he told me that the mobility/access program is practically gone for now, with no plans to expand or grow it.

With that in mind i took another look at our Open Doors Organization (www.opendoorsnfp.org) study and sure enough found some god stats.
  • 20% of adults with disabilities (6.2 million ppl) are likely to rent a car or van when they travel and spend $40 per day on average
  • 50% report they would be more likely to rent a car if it were delivered to and picked up from them
  • OVER a third said they would rent a GPS System
  • OVER a third also said they WOULD PAY MORE MONEY to rent a car if it were delivered to and pick up from them

It seems to me that in a tight economy, that these companies would spend more marketing dollars to reach the untapped markets????

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