Wednesday, May 13, 2009

People with Disabilities Travel Internationally too!

For those of you who run international travel businesses, don;t forget aabout catering to your disabled travelers too. There is money to be made in this market. Our friends at Open Doors Organization are proving it again. According to the most recent study on adult travelers with disabilities, the typical international traveler spent $1,600 on this travel.

Which means...the 16% of online adults with disabilities who have traveled outside the United States will spend over $7 billion over the course of two years!

Don't you want a piece of this market? Aren't you even the least bit curious???

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wecare232323 said...

Yes Craig quite right. I have just spent, or committed to spend, over $20,000 on a Europe, UK, USA trip. And not one cent, let me repeat that NOT ONE CENT, has gone to a non accessible or non disability friendly business or service.

Your attitude to the disability sector as a massive untapped market, especially the Baby Boomers, is spot on. But some businesses are simply so close minded or so stupid or so disability phobic as to cut themselves out of that multi-billion dollar deal. Oh well you can't do much with concrete when it sets, can you? Anyway it leaves rich pickings for the enlightened.