Monday, May 18, 2009

Online Marketing KEY to Disability Market

Someone once told me that people with disabilities buy/acquire almost 95% of their goods and services online. Seems hard to believe until you start to think about the fact that even people who can't move their hands can use a computer. Computer technology is one of the great equalizers wehn it comes to disability and these people depend heavily on computers for their every day lives. Even many people who can move their limbs don;t leave the house very often due to some other severe disability.

The Open Doors Organization ( that i quote so often agrees that "The internet is an important resource for adults with disabilities." In fact they found that:
  • Half of those who travel (51%) use the internet to book their trips
  • Close to half (43%) consult the internet to suppor their disability-related travel needs.
  • 57% used the internet to find and/or book hotels
  • 47% used the internet to find accessibility information about airlines
  • 47% used the internet to find accessible activities, tours, and attractions at their destination

And i want to remnd everyone that people with disabilities in the US have a discretionary income of over $220 billion. And we love to travel with cash!

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