Monday, August 10, 2009

Top Ten Ways to Market to People with Disabilities

6. Employ People with Disabilities (PWD). Be sure that your company knows the current statutes and regulations regarding Equal Opportunity Employment of PWD. This is a very hot topic right now, and often times PWD are just as qualified as non-disabled applicants. And with the unemployment rate among PWD at an all time high, they may also be more appreciative and dependable than other employees. Be aggressive in your recruiting efforts and be sure to include a variety of disabilities in your work force. With a simple disability awareness and sensitivity training session included for all employees, they will fit right in with everyone else. And remember that it has been proven that people with disabilities are more likely to patronize a business that also employs people with disabilities. (source: UMASS Center for Social Development & Education). For more info on how to meet employment requirements email me at OR visit me at

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