Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Consumers with Disabilities - Did you know?

So i have given you a lot of information on how and why to market to people with disabilities over the past fewe months and i would just like to remind everyone a few important things about this consumer market that is the fastest growing and largest untapped consumer makret in the world today.

1. People with Disabilities (PWD) spend $35 billion annually dining out and dine out at least once per week
2. PWD (55 million in the US) are very brand loyal customers
3. 69% of adults with disabilities (21+ million people) have traveled at least once in the past two years
4. PWD = over 18% of our population. That's 5% more than our Hispanic population which is our largest ethnic, racial, or minority group
5. The total travel market in the United States amounts to more than $1.2 trillion. PWD spend $13.6 billion per year on travel. That's almost 10% of the entire travle industry!

If you already know these things and are not marketing to PWD we need to talk!

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yuri said...

Hi Craig,
We are setting a mobility car rental company for tourists visiting New Zealand. Would you have any recommendations on the type of cars/vans most needed to cover majority needs please?
We also will be happy to have a contract with you in order to set and promote this business in right way from the beginning. Other sub businesses are welcome as well as it is a quite new thing in NZ and though some activities are available but it is not enough, we think. As you might know in 2011 we will host Rugby World Cup and it is another big thing to cover.
Best regards and thank you,
Yura Volynkin
New Zealand

Craig P Kennedy said...

Yuri, I would recommend having a few mid-full size vehicles for people who can drive themselves and then a coupld of vans as well with lifts for those who cannot. Small cars do not work FYI. When i rent it is always at least a mid sized but i try to get full sized to accommodate all my stuff.

pbsl said...

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